Level Up Service

Easily Level Up your Steam profile with our Level Up service

Only unsacked gems are accepted!

With our Steam LevelUp Service we aim to provide our users with the ability to level up quickly and for a good price, fully automated. Shortly after placing your order you will receive a trade offer containing the right sets you will need to reach your dream level. After you have accepted the trade you can start converting (crafting) these sets into badges, granting you 100XP, backgrounds and emoticons. You can craft 5 badges for each game, whether you own that game or not. Our bot automatically selects sets that you have not crafted 5 times yet, please note that our bot does not check your inventory, so before using our service please make sure to have crafted all your previous sets! You can craft your badges here.
If you want to craft a large amount of badges without having to do this manually you could check out this guide. This will give you the option to automatically craft all available badges.